Half Round Gutter System

End Cap

RDCA carries half round gutter system components and accessories that are unlike any in the commercial roofing industry. It is available in sizes from 5″ through 12″ and larger if necessary. All .032-.050″ aluminum, 22-29 gauge steel, 22-28 gauge stainless, 16-24 oz copper and .7mm zinc, regardless of gutter size, is roll-formed. Metal is purchased from more than 16 vendors providing you with a selection of more than 400 colors. And RDCA also provides custom colors.

Of particular interest to architects and building owners, regardless of the gutter size or how the gutter is mounted (i.e.; fascia, roof, non-vertical fascia, rafter, etc…), all RDCA gutter support brackets are constructed of 3/8″ roll-formed bar stock wrapped on all four sides with the gutter material. Consequently, in addition to being exceptionally strong, all RDCA fabricated brackets carry the same paint warranty as the gutter. And regardless of how the gutter is mounted to the building or varies in size on a specific project, all RDCA gutter support brackets have an identical, uniform, consistent appearance after installation. You will never have to deal with different appearances of gutter brackets on the same job.

As you would expect, when you inquire for your half round gutter, RDCA can provide you with all your components and accessories to complete the job. Everything is custom made per your exact requirements.

For your half round gutter system components and accessories needs, please call us at 706-692-7333 ext. 1 or e-mail sales@rdcaa.com.