Corrugated Rectangular Downspout System


Did you know you can buy a one-piece, continuous 40′ long commercial, corrugated downspout with a custom elbow on the end? Or how about a one-piece, continuous, custom length and angle offset transitioning to the downspout that runs all the way down the wall? These are just two options you have using either 3×4 or 4×5 commercial, corrugated downspout produced by RDCA. Utilizing our design and manufacturing expertise we can save you a substantial amount of time and money, while providing your customer with a far more attractive finished installation. And consistent with all RDCA products, RDCA can supply your customized order from a selection of 16 metal suppliers and more than 400 colors.

In addition, another unique capability RDCA offers is corrugated downspout in .040″ aluminum and 22 gauge steel. Talk about stout. The 22 gauge or .040″ aluminum corrugated downspout products are ideal for areas where there is susceptibility for damage. They can both take quite a beating and still maintain their function and appearance.

To complete your downspout system RDCA provides one-piece offsets made to your specific, dimensional requirements; elbows of any angle and ‘leg’ length combination; seamless, wide-flange outlet tubes; collector heads; downspout straps and brackets; and much more.

For your corrugated rectangular downspout and accessories needs, please call us at 706-692-7333 ext. 1 or e-mail