Commercial & Architectural Roof Drainage Components

Half Round Gutters

Steel – Stainless Steel – Copper – Aluminum

Round Downspouts

Steel – Stainless Steel – Copper – Aluminum

Rectangular Corrugated Downspouts

Steel –  Copper – Aluminum

Commercial & Architectural Roof Drainage Components

Welcome to Roof Drainage Components & Accessories, Inc. where our entire focus is to provide the highest quality commercial roof drainage components as specified by architects, specifiers, pre-engineered building designers, general contractors, roofing consultants and building owners. More than 2,500 roof drainage system components and accessories are custom made per customer specifications in over 400 colors and 16 different material substrates.


We extend an invitation to you to review our website and contact us by phone, e-mail or fax with any questions you may have.

At RDCA we certainly offer all of the standard folded metal products. Gutter. Downspout. Edge metal. Collector Heads. Custom work. And in 20′ lengths! But we don’t stop there. A substantial portion of the RDCA product portfolio is made up of specification driven half round gutter, round downspout, large custom gutter, large K-style and 3×4 and 4×5 heavy gauge corrugated downspout. The products are produced in unusually heavy metal with over 400 colors to choose from. .027″-.080″ aluminum, 20-29 gauge steel, 20-28 gauge stainless, 16-24 oz copper, and .7 mm zinc.

And then there is the size offering of products. Need 12″ half round gutter? Just call or e-mail. We have it. 8″ round downspout and larger? Once again just call or e-mail. Then there are the k-style and custom gutters. How about a 12″ custom gutter in .063″ made in 20′ lengths shipped throughout North America and beyond? We can provide a quote within a few hours. Finally, how about .040″ aluminum or 22 gauge steel corrugated downspout in lengths up to 40′ with an elbow on one end? We’ll have your quote ready within a few hours.

We look forward to serving you. Please call 706-692-7333 ext. 1 or email for more information or a detailed quotation.